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Can Homeopathy Cure Schizophrenia?

Brief Introduction
Is it possible to treat or cure schizophrenia with homeopathy? To answer this question, first we will look at the schizophrenia symptoms. Then we will discuss the basic principle of homeopathy very briefly and at the end I will discuss some homeopathic remedies useful for the treatment of schizophrenia, and it will make the point clear.
Here are some important symptoms of schizophrenia.
1. Loss of contact with reality.
2. Social withdrawal.
3. Confused or disorganized thinking and speech.
4. Delusions, e.g. being pursued, spied, poisoned, of persecution, etc.
5. Hallucinations, of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.
6. Hearing voices, commanding him to do some absurd things, e.g., to kill others or to do harm, to kill himself, to jump from a height etc.
7. Suspicion, distrust.
8. Muttering. Patient talks to imaginary people or to himself.

How homeopathy cures schizophrenia
The basic principle of homeopathy is that a substance which causes a disease can cure that disease (Like cures Like), i.e., a substance which when given in large doses of crude form, causes or produces some disease symptoms in healthy individuals, can also cure these disease symptoms when given in minute (homeopathic) doses. For example:
1.     Coffee causes mental alertness and sleeplessness. Therefore, coffee (Coffea cruda) is used in minute (homeopathic) doses to treat insomnia associated with increased activity of mind. Cure of mental disturbance.
2.     St. Ignatius beans have produced symptoms of severe depression and grief in healthy individuals, during testing of its medicinal properties. Homeopathic remedy Ignatia amara, prepared from St. Ignatius beans, is most effective and powerful remedy to relieve intense grief, shock and sadness, after the death of some loved one or very close relative. Cure of mental/ emotional disturbances.
3.     Arsenic poisoning causes cholera like symptoms, e.g., diarrhea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms. These symptoms are quickly relieved by giving Arsenic (Arsenicum album) in homeopathic potency. Arsenicum album is a great homeopathic remedy for treating cholera and other gastrointestinal disturbances. Cure of physical diseases.
4.     Allergic symptoms produced by ’poison Ivy’   are quickly relieved and cured by giving minute doses of homeopathic remedy ’Rhus toxicodendron’ prepared from poison ivy. It demonstrates the basic principle of homeopathy ‘like cures like’ by curing a physical disease.
5.     Excessive intake of table salt causes unquenchable thirst, rapid heartbeat and water retention in healthy individuals causing oedema and swelling, therefore,  natrium muriaticum, remedy prepared from table salt (sodium chloride) is used to treat oedema and swelling of patients having increased thirst. Natrium muriaticum is also used for the treatment of palpitation and tachycardia. Cure of physical diseases.
Likewise, the substances, capable of producing schizophrenia like symptoms in healthy individuals can cure schizophrenia when used in homeopathic potencies. There are countless cases of psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia which have been cured by different homeopaths using homeopathic remedies.
(C). Homeopathic  Remedies  For  Schizophrenia
Here are a few symptoms of some homeopathic remedies to illustrate the scope of homeopathy to cure schizophrenia. These symptoms are the actual feelings and disturbances produced in healthy individuals after taking large doses of medicinal substances in crude form during testing/ proving of these remedies. It shows that these substances are capable of curing schizophrenia as well when given homeopathically. There are a lot of other homeopathic remedies which cover the schizophrenic symptoms and are very effective to treat and cure schizophrenia. Here I am giving only a few indications of three remedies, detailed description of these, as well as other remedies can be studied in standard homeopathic Materia Medicas. Best suitable homeopathic remedy is selected by a homeopath by considering the whole picture of mental and emotional disturbances of the patient.  Please avoid self-medication.

Patient lives in a word of his own, engrossed in spectres and visions and is oblivious to the surrounding realities. While the retina is insensible to actual objects, a host of visual hallucinations throng him from within. He is acutely alive and crazed by a flood of subjective visual impressions and fantastic illusions. Hallucinations; sees monsters, hideous faced, frightful images. Furious, rages, bites, strikes; desire to escape. Perversity. Acuteness of all senses. Changeable temperament. Muttering, repugnance to conversation. Disinclination to talk or very fast talking. Ill humour, irritable, sensitive. Growling and barking like a dog. Desire to strike, to spit, to bite and to tear everything. Great apathy and indifference, desire for solitude. Involuntary laughter, murmuring. Illusion of the senses and frightful visions. Disposition to dance, to laugh, to sing, to whistle. Dread of society and of all noise.
Restless, gritting of teeth, screams out in sleep. Somnolence, nightmare carphology (picking bed clothes). Singing and talking during sleep.
As if some diabolic force took possession of the brain and prevented its functions. A perfect picture of mania in a quarrelsome and obscene character. Inclined to be unseemly and immodest in acts, gestures and expressions. Very talkative and obscene, persists in striping herself, or uncovering genitals. Nymphomania, lies naked in bed and chatters. Great hilarity. Inclined to laugh at everything. Fits of laughter.  Jealous. Very suspicious. Afraid of being poisoned. Thinks his wife is faithless. Desire to run away from the house at night. Incoherent speech. Rage with desire to strike and to kill. Aversion to light and company. Sees ghosts, demons, rats, cats, animals. The sight is disordered; sees things too large or too near and grasps at them. Talking with dead people. Delusions, he is being watched, he is pursued by enemies, he has been poisoned, he is a criminal, he will be murdered. When sleeping, carphologia, or smiling countenance, or starts with fright.
Thinks he is several pieces, and cannot adjust the fragments. Great apathy, very sluggish; dislike to talk; answers slowly or not at all. Great indifference to everything and even to patient’s own family. Fear of darkness, when alone, that something will happen, of thunder, of spectres. Delusions, sees faces, strange faces look from the corner, of things creeping out of corners. Involuntary weeping and laughter. Misanthropy. Repugnance to labour. Shamelessness, approaching to insanity. Great flow of ill-assorted ideas. Clairvoyant state. Great tendency to start, over sensitive to external impressions. Hyposensitive. Dread of death when alone. Exaggerated idea of one’s own importance. Restless, fidgety. Delusions of swarms, presence of devil, feeling he is out of his body; he is pursued by police, sees vermin crawl about. Vision of fire. Hearing voices. Dreams of fire, of biting animals. Somnambulism.
Homeopathy – The better way to treat Schizophrenia

This article is meant for information only and does not substitute the professional medical advice. For any condition requiring medical treatment, consult a qualified homeopathic doctor.

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